Dell will soon allow users to interact in their laptops with their iPhones

Dell will soon allow users to interact in their laptops with their iPhones

It looks like Dell is attempting to create it’s laptops more appealing to users that are iPhone. According to a report by Boolmberg, the computer manufacturer will be releasing software that will let users mirror their iPhone’s screen on their Dell laptops. The report notes that the upgrade will rollout to Dell’s Mobile Connect software in the coming months as an upgrade. The software currently works with Android devices, and permit users to pair their Android phone.

The report adds that the software would work with the Dell XPS, Inspiron, Vostro and Alienware laptops which ran Windows 10, and requires users to download of an app on the iPhone. Those using the program will be able to get notifications and send texts.

They will also have the ability to drag and drop photos, videos and other files .

Dell is also expected to showcase a number of different devices at CES 2020. It would incorporate a DEll XPS 13 as well as new additions to the Latitude lineup of devices and displays that are new.

With the Consumer Electronics Show just a few days away, Dell, isn’t waiting around for the expo. The business has announced several products across multiple portfolios including many new displays an updated version of the XPS 13 and even additions to the lineup of machines.

Dell claims that the XPS 13 houses the world’s first four-sided display that is near-bezelless. It is believed to come with a 16:10 aspect ratio for the display. The new XPS 13 features slightly broader keycaps, placed in the carbon fiber keyboard island. The Dell XPS 13 will feature processors from the 10th generation Ice Lake chips of Intel. In addition to this new XPS 13, Dell is also announcing a Developer edition of the XPS 13 that will include Ubuntu 18.04LTS rather than Windows 10. The new XPS 13 is reported to be available onwards in select countries for a price of $999. Globally availability to start in February.

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